• Larry Livermore: Speaking of bass players, you’ve been teamed up with Mike practically forever. How much of a team is that? What would it be like if there were no Mike?
  • Billie Joe: It wouldn’t have happened. Period. There would have been no such thing as Green Day.
  • Larry Livermore: I’m thinking especially of the trademark harmonies that tell you instantly you’re listening to Green Day…
  • Billie Joe: It’s more than that. Mike and I really influenced each other. That’s the thing that bummed me out about that VH1 (Behind The Music) thing, that they barely talked about the connection we’ve had for so many years, how we’ve always been a team, how it’s always been “Billie and Mike.” When we first started hanging out on the scene, if I was ever by myself, people would come and ask, “Hey, where’s Mike?” And likewise with Mike. When he was 16 he ended up moving into my mom’s house because his mom moved to Louisiana to avoid earthquakes. I give more credit to him than I would to anybody for the success of Green Day.


"The first day I rehearsed, Michael [Mayer] goes "Oh, there’s something I forgot to tell you. This is gonna be really awkward at first.” And it WAS really awkward… I was really really nervous about whether I could do it at all. I was nervous about acting in general, you know, like the silent moments, the stillness in parts; I’m not used to doing that at all. It’s dead silent, you brain’s going brrrrryou know, stay still, don’t say anything. You know, that part was hard.” - Billie Joe Armstrong on rehearsing for the role of St. Jimmy